4-Day Aikido Randori Intensive Seminars

Aikido multiple person randori

Virtually every Aikido organization or school requires multi person attacks or Randori on their yudansha testing. Yet, surprisingly, very few treat the ability to execute defense against multiple attackers as a discrete set of skills. Often practitioners appraoch randori as just the same thing they do with a single attacker only faster. Nothing could be further than the truth.

Aikido Randori Intensives with George LedyardAt Aikido Eastside we have been studying randori principles in detail for 25 years. After many hundreds of hours of analyzing countless randori, we have broken down this randori work into a principle based practice with very skill specific exercises. We have looked at movement patterns, strategies, the psychological aspects, and much more resulting in a finely tuned method for teaching these skills. We focus on every aspect of randori practice; empty hand with just grabs, empty hand with striking, attackers with weapons, hanmi handachi randori, timing and speed, and much more are all investigated. The exercises range from slow / medium speed randori all the way to full speed practice.

Aikido randori - multiple attacker practice with George LedyardWe have had students from all over the country, from Canada, from Australia all the way to European countries travel to do this training. Students getting ready to test and instructors responsible for preparing others to test have all used this training to “up their game”. Many students have participated for many years, taking their skills to a very high level. Most participants have attended more than one intensive they have found it to be so helpful.

Aikido Multiple Attacker practice with George LedyardAttendance is very limited (16 to 20 students depending on the venue) to give students the maximum of individual attention. Participation is open to 3rd kyu and up (or by special permission) and all organizational affiliations.

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Aikido Randori Intensives with George Ledyard